Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Simple, Easy Lemonade

Roll lemons first to help get the juice from them easily.

Cut the lemons in half.

Juice about six of them.

You need about one cup of juice.

Pour juice into a pitcher.

Add a cup of sugar.

And six cups of water. Stir it well.

Don't forget the ice.
Enjoy a nice cold glass!

Instant happiness!
Making lemonade is a really fun and easy thing to do with children. You only need about 6 lemons, some sugar and water. We juice enough lemons to make a cup of juice, usually about 6, add 6 cups of water (I usually add an extra cup because I like mine a little more watered down), a cup of sugar and some ice and that's all!

Even a very little person can have the job of rolling the lemons on a hard surface to make juicing them easier, and there is measuring and pouring and careful stirring for someone a little bigger. You can do this with limes or oranges too, or a mixture of different citrus fruits. It's the perfect thing to bring to a summer cookout or picnic or the occasional, spontaneous afternoon tea party.. Sometimes we dress it up with pretty lemon slices in the pitcher or garnish the glasses with a sprig of mint from the garden, but it is perfect just as is too.

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  1. Yummmm!! I have to get some lemons and make this very soon. I think with limes AND lemons. I don't have any children here to roll the lemons, so I guess I'll just have to do it myself!!!