Saturday, March 16, 2013

Avocado Chocolate Pudding

It has been well over a year since I posted anything here. We discovered about eight months ago that one of the kids is gluten intolerant. It is a huge pain to go gluten free, especially if you are already vegan. When you are vegan most of the foods you can rely on when you are out and about contain gluten. Foods like bagels, pasta, pretzels, that sort of thing. I can't just grab something quick if my kids are hungry while we are out. Most of the foods their friends have for snacks are off limits now, and family gatherings are harder with the food thing now too. So I have been learning a lot about being gluten free over the past months. I have learned how to bake breads and muffins and cupcakes that are pretty good. I have had lots of failures and frustrations, but we seem to have figured this gluten free thing out pretty much by now.  I have some good things to share here. I thought I'd start with something super simple and good.

This sounds like it might be gross, but it is the best tasting, easiest thing. You need a food processor or a blender for this.
Ingredients: 1 avocado (ripe, slightly soft but not mushy)
                  1 teaspoon vanilla
                  1/4 cup cocoa
                  1/4 cup maple syrup
                  6 tablespoons milk (I use almond milk)

Just throw everything into the blender and blend until it is smooth. You can eat it right away, or stick it in the fridge until it is cold. Avocados are so full of potassium and healthy fats, but my little one won't touch them. She gladly enjoys a bowl of avocado pudding though. You would never know there was avocado in this pudding either. It has the taste and texture of regular pudding. It is so good!