Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Discovery!

We were really excited to find a couple new types of dairy free yogurt at our grocery store this week. Little Sprout #1 loves yogurt and eats it just about every day. I think it's great, but sometimes I wish there was a soy free option. She is not crazy about the coconut variety, but this new stuff we all loved! Brilliant! Yogurt made from almond milk, and sweetened with fruit juice - which I LOVE! I'm always so annoyed that I can't find a sugar free, nondairy yogurt. This tastes so good. We tried strawberry, blueberry, and cherry. All amazing. I was never a fan of soy yogurts myself, but this stuff, oh yum! It's really, really good. My only complaint is that it isn't organic, which I'll admit is a bummer - but maybe if enough people buy it and want an organic option they'll make one! I'm hopeful.

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